Welcome to Fibble



Definition: A lack of focus and organisation; feeling frustrated, inadequate, baffled, befuddled, lacking and exhausted.

Are you feeling fibbled?



Definition: Constrained or held back by Fibble from achieving goals.

Our aim is to help you to identify your strengths and weaknesses in terms of functions or life skills you need to execute everyday tasks and use this information to approach life in a different way – playing to your strengths.

We will help you to get to a state of fibbleisation.



Definition: Dawning understanding that one is Fibbled and not fulfilling one’s potential or achieving goals as a result.

And then defibble you through a process called defibbling.



The process / art of personalised defibbling; creating focus and organisation from muddle using an understanding of one’s personal executive skills profile, achieved with coaching and active decluttering (physical/mental/emotional/electronic).

Then you will be defibbled and ultimately fibble-free.



Definition: A joyous state of focus and organisation and feeling of achievement arising from completion of defibbling.



Definition: An ongoing positive state of personalised focus and organisation.

Take the questionnaire and start to explore your fibble!