Definition: Creating focus and organisation from muddle using an understanding of one’s personal executive function profile, achieved with online coaching and support.

You may have enough information from the results of the questionnaire to go ahead and make changes to become fibble-free, but if you are finding it difficult or need some support then we can help you to become defibbled.



Definition: A joyous state of improved focus and organisation and feeling of achievement arising from completion of defibbling.



Definition: An ongoing positive state of personalised focus and organisation.

We have a few options available for defibbling…


Get started by taking the questionnaire.

Questionnaire Review Session

An hour long online or telephone session where we look at your results and discuss how you can apply the findings to your situation.

Personalised Online Coaching and Support Sessions

Hour long online sessions to coach and support you in looking at your functioning, tailored to you based on what you want to do. We look at strategies to achieve your goals as well as support to uncover what may be blocking progress.

Why not crack on with the questionnaire and if you have any questions please get in touch.