We have devised a questionnaire you can take which asks you 60 questions about how you operate in your life which takes approximately 10-15 minutes to complete.

Once you have completed this we will display and send you a report of your results which details

  • Your 12 executive functions in order from strongest to most challenging and their scores.
  • A radar diagram of your results.
  • Details of what your 3 strengths and 3 challenges may look like for you. 
  • 9 sets of practical suggestions on how you can use your strengths to overcome your challenges.

We often find that people function differently in different environments. E.g. at home compared to a work environment, or how they function when doing things for others as opposed to for themselves.

Decide before you complete the questionnaire which area you want to focus on to get the most relevant results for you. You may decide to complete 2 questionnaires, which you can do by logging in and completing the ‘Questionnaire’ again. Your different results will be displayed under ‘Results’.

Price: £14.99


We’d like to thank our clients, colleagues and contributors in neurodiversity for informing our thinking in the development of the Fibble questionnaire and particular thanks go to Peg Dawson, EdD, and Richard Guare, PHD, for permission to use extracts from the questionnaire and definitions in Smart but Scattered – Guide to Success.

“Dawson, P.,& Guare, R. (2016). Smart but Scattered: Guide to success. How to use your brain’s executive skills to keep up, stay calm, and get organized at work and at home. New York: Guildford Press” 20-26.